Thursday, December 10, 2009

October meeting minutes

AWA Meeting Minutes, October 28th, 2009

Attendees: Dawn Slama, Pape/Kenworth; Rebecca Vierck, Re-Born Automotive; Betty Kendall, Retired (PCC Automotive Instructor); Sarah Heidler, Esquire Motors; Terica Devoreh-Spratt, Hawthorne Auto Clinic; Kathy Garbe, Esquire Motors; June Boone, Retired (Hawthorne Auto Clinic); Norma Holcombe, Sherwood Auto

 Fundraising Projects
 Car Care Class/Girl Scout Merit Badge Class—The Car Care Class is too good to just let go by the wayside. We discussed at length about ways to promote this class. Advertise in NATA Auto Outlook that we do Car Care Classes. Have shops donate to AWA, we will conduct the class, shops will find the attendees. Another idea is to promote the class as a ‘New Driver’s’ Class. Contact schools w/driver’s education, driver’s training companies, insurance companies, etc. and let them know that we do a fabulous Car Care Class.

 Treasury Report
 Currently $510.02 in checking. $1500.00 was presented to Russ Jones at PCC on November 22nd for scholarships. A photo and short article will appear in the next NATA Auto Outlook due out this month.

 New Business
 We need people to Co-Chair positions for when others are gone;
 Co-Secretary
 Co-Treasurer
 Co-Membership
Positions committed to sharing of the responsibilities… Example was the ‘Car Care Class’. Everyone was willing to help, but no one wanted to be in-charge.
Beginning January 2010 New Positions have been established:

 Sarah Hiedler & Norma Holcombe will Co-Chair Membership and Weblink with June Boone, collect dues and send registration letters, collect information for website
 Terica will Co-Chair Secretary with Becky Vierck, distribute minutes of the meetings and establish agenda for each month’s meetings
 Betty Kendall will Co-Chair Treasurer with Margaret Ragan, write a letter to the 12 students at PCC and help with scholarship/endowment fund letters.
Project Coordinators:
Plant Sale May 1st at Hawthorne Auto Clinic, with an alternate day May 8th if weather is bad: Margaret Ragan, Liz Daly, June Boone, & Kathy Garbe. We will be making planters for businesses to buy and we will be available to go to businesses to plant in their existing planters.
Women in Trades Fair: Sarah Hiedler & Dawn Slama
Summer Concert: Margaret Ragan & Terica Deveroh-Spratt. Possible location in Vancouver at the Brick House.
Car Care Class/Girl Scout Merit Badge Class: Becky Vierck, Kim Kittinger, Robin Burwell & Any Dobson.
 Any Dobson would like to come talk to our group about her trip to Nicaragua.
 Mention of a mentoring program—more needs to be discussed.
 PCC Automotive Graduation would like someone from AWA to talk briefly at the ceremony. It was unanimously voted for Margaret Ragan to speak.

The Next Meeting is January 2nd, 2010 at June Boone’s House for a Holiday Potluck & White Elephant Gift Exchange at 5pm. All are welcome, including significant others & children, leave the dog at home.

***No Meeting November & December***
***See you at June’s January 2nd, 5pm***
***Bring a White Elephant Gift to Exchange***