Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meeting Minutes for March 31st, 2010

Welcome Members/Visitors:

Kathy Garbe, Esquire Motors; Liz Dally, Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.; Terica Devoreh-Spratt, Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.; Betty Kendall, retired instructor PCC; June Boone, retired Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.; Norma Holcombe, Sherwood Automotive; Margaret Ragan, NATA; Sarah Heidler, Esquire Motors; Rebecca Vierck, Re-born Automotive.

Fundraising projects

- April 30th and May 1st Women in Trades Fair, Sarah and Dawn are organizing. They will be working on an exciting booth and fun workshop for the students. Becky, Sarah, June and Betty will be working on April 30th. Terica, Dawn and Betty will be working May 1st

- May 8th, Plant and rummage sale to be held at Hawthorne Auto Clinic, please contact us for rummage sale donations drop off etc. We will also be offering to make up planter boxes and a group will go out to businesses to plant. Start time is 8am-3pm, set up time starts at 7am! June will make a banner to hang up

- Summer concert canceled?- Costs for the concert may be too high. It was discussed of getting donations from businesses in the industry instead of having the concert. More to report later.

- More ideas???? If anyone has an idea for a fundraiser this year, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you!


- Canceled! April 17th- Girl Scout Merit badge class, canceled due to lack of participants

- Car Care Class – Sarah will be working on a standardized curriculum for this workshop and is working on ways to promote it by working with other organizations, such as CarHelp.
More info to follow….

- Website report – The meeting minutes will be available. Be sure to check out the myspace page and blog page!!!!

- Mentoring program – Betty has been talking to PCC students and is gathering a list of students that we will invite to a meeting. She will work on a letter to send to students or potential members, hopefully to invite to a special May meeting.

Treasury Update
- $1,210.05 in checking account

New Business
- Annual dues are due!! Thank you to all for the continued support! If you have not paid the dues yet, please send the $35 dues to Margaret, fill out the form and mail a check.

- Business cards with AWA info were discussed and agreed it would be a good idea to have on hand to give out.

• Next Meeting is April 28th at Reborn Automotive 1800 SE MLK, 503-231-4947

We hope to see everyone at the next meeting to help organize fundraisers, share new ideas and especially to have lots of FUN!!!!!