Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meeting Minutes for May 26th 2010

Welcome Members/Visitors:

Kathy Garbe, Esquire Motors; Liz Dally, Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.; Terica Devoreh-Spratt, Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.; Betty Kendall, retired instructor PCC; Norma Holcombe, Sherwood Automotive; Margaret Ragan, NATA; Sarah Heidler, Esquire Motors; Rebecca Vierck, Re-born Automotive; Kim Kittinger, PCC automotive instructor.

Fundraising projects

- April 30th and May 1st Women in Trades Fair, Friday was an exciting day of scavenger hunts on cars and a wonderful power point presentation by Sarah. There were about 75 girls who participated and all seemed to have a great time! Thanks Sarah for organizing and thanks to the volunteers Becky, June and Betty!
Saturday there was a steady stream of people. Dawn made an automotive wheel to spin- using most all automotive parts! Once the wheel was spun, a trivia question was asked and great automotive conversation followed. People really enjoyed spinning the wheel and playing automotive trivia! Thanks Dawn for making the wheel and thanks to Betty and Terica for volunteering!

- May 8th, Plant and Rummage sale a huge success! The weather was beautiful and brought out lots of people to shop! The grand total was $782.01 – our most successful sale yet! Thanks to everyone who brought rummage and plants and volunteered their Saturday to raise money. Thanks also to Hawthorne Auto Clinic for the use of the parking lot!

- August 15th – Hawthorne Street Fair and Sunday parkways will bring a huge crowd on Hawthorne, it was decided to hold a craft and rummage sale in the parking lot of Hawthorne Auto Clinic. Craft items will include: pictures, wreaths, jams, soaps, aprons, flowers and herbs. If anyone has more crafts or rummage to donate, please contact us! We also need volunteers to organize and volunteer for Sunday – Join us for the fun!
Informational links:
eventful : hawthorne-street-fair-2010
portland on line

- Date to be determined – Ocktoberfest! Our latest and greatest idea to have a fun Ocktoberfest to raise money instead of the concert this year. More details to follow….

- More ideas???? If anyone has an idea for a fundraiser this year, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.


- Car Care Class – Sarah will be working on a standardized curriculum for this workshop and is working on ways to promote it by working with other organizations, such as CarHelp.
More info to follow….

- Website report – The meeting minutes will be available. Be sure to check out the myspace page and blog page!!!!

- Mentoring program – Betty has been talking to PCC students and is gathering a list of students that we will invite to a meeting. Kim is involved now with helping to encourage the students to come to our special AWA June 30th meeting. We will discuss our different experiences in the field and Andrea Dobson will give us a presentation of her latest projects.

Treasury Update
- $1892.06 in checking account, we will give $1,500 to PCC for the next scholarships, leaving a balance of $392.06

New Business
- A reporter is interested in AWA and will be invited to attend our special June meeting.

- Business cards with AWA info were discussed and agreed it would be a good idea to have on hand to give out. We are working on it….

Next Meeting is June 30th at Reborn Automotive 1800 SE MLK, 503-231-4947, a special meeting featuring Andrea Dobson’s presentation. Don’t miss it!!!!!

Please join us for our Annual Margarita Meeting, July 28th at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver.

We hope to see everyone at the next meeting to help organize fundraisers, share new ideas and especially to have lots of FUN!!!!!