Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Meeting Minutes

 Welcome Members/Visitors:

Kathy Garbe, Esquire Motors; Liz Daly, Hawthorne Auto Clinic Inc.; Norma Holcombe, Sherwood Automotive; Sarah Heidler, Esquire Motors; Carra Molgard, LKQ ; Tonia Haney, Clark College;   Betty Kindel, retired technician and educator. 


Ø  Tonia suggested that we up the cap on the number of tickets (once she saw the box) It was discussed and decided that the number of tickets should be limited to 2,000
Ø  Margaret submitted a web site for an on line design and printing, and Tonia provided pricing and details from a local printer.  We decided to do the on line purchase of printing, due to price.
Ø  Sarah will layout the design, submit for preview for several members and have tickets ready to go by March 19th, our next event: the Irish Potluck at the Garbe residence.
Ø  Shayla (not present at meeting) designed a flyer for the raffle.  It was passed around and discussed, and a few updates were added.
Ø  We will have updated flyer ready to go inside of a week, and email them to members who would like a copy, as well as having some printed for distribution.
Ø  Carra donated free transportation of the box for the winner.
Ø  Sarah volunteered to track, record and account for all tickets and stubs.
Ø  Betty volunteered to be the keeper and protector of all ticket stubs.

Ocktoberfest event  planning        
Ø  We will ask Sawtale Ridge to play again
Ø  John suggested (Via Betty) that perhaps better sound this year would improve the event, as well as more focused attention at times on the band.  

Women in Trades Fair
Ø  Event is Friday May 13t and Saturday May 14th, 2011 at the IBEW Hall
Ø  More volunteers are needed – especially for the Saturday portion of events. 
Ø  Drop an email to to sign up or ask specifics. 
Ø  We are looking for a donation of 100 tire pressure gauges to give to young women at this event.

  Irish Potluck
Ø  Basic reminder: Our next event is – March 19th @ 4pm - an Irish Potluck at the home of Kathy and Kurt Garbe. March 19 @ 4pm –  32779 NW Ridge Dr, Scappoose, OR 97056  503-543-8247
Ø  If you’d like to help dig up Iris in preparation for the plant sale, come at 2 pm
Ø  (Yes, that makes it an Irish Iris Event)

Plant  sale
Ø  We will again have a plant sale again on April 30th at 9 am at Hawthorne Auto Clinic.
Ø  Start saving/potting and dividing your plants now.
Ø  There was a discussion about our banner, which has not been seen for two years now, please check your stash of AWA paraphernalia to see if you have it.
It’s time for Dues (still)
Ø  The mailing address and form can be found on our blogspot
Ø  Somebody had a great idea to create bills for membership.  To that end, if you’d like to receive a bill for membership so that you can more easily claim it as a professional expense, drop us an email, and we’ll be happy to do that.

Next meeting will be at Reborn Automotive on March 30th, 2011