Thursday, August 18, 2011

July 2011 Meeting Notes

Wednesday 27 July 2011  notes:
Kathy Garbe, Esquire Motors
Becky Vierck, Reborn Automotive
June Boone, Photographer and retiree
 Margo, Chucks Volks Werks
Carra Molgard, LKQ

Started the night with talks about the raffle and how it is progressing. June suggested that we make the Tool box mobile and bring it to the race track as needed to get more exposure.
Becky and Margo volunteered to transport and sit at a booth to sell tickets. All agreed that might boost sales. June is collaborating with the Beaches Cruise-in and PIR folks. Straps and blankets will be provided to limit damage to item.

At this point 548 tickets have been distributed and no accurate count for sold tickets available at the time of meeting.

It was agreed at the meeting (of 5 people) that there will be an August meeting. As there has not been much planning in the way of the Oktoberfest. Generally August is an off month. It was discussed that the group still needs to coordinate for Food, Band, Beer, Tickets, Utensils, raffle prizes and many other logistics behind the scenes.
The event, at least, has a locked in location...Sherwood Auto.

This one is coming up faster and there is still much to do.
That will also be the event where the tool box is presented to one lucky winner!!!!

And lastly...the scholarship was brought up, by Carra. She was at a Ford Club meeting a week ago and met the Assets Facilitator for Mt Hood CC, Jerry Lyons. He is involved with a Cruse-in 13 August in Gresham, OR. She discussed with him her involvement in AWA and said we have discussed in meetings expanding our scholarship funds to other schools. Right now we gift to PCC. She was always under the impression that the money was gifted to a FEMALE student. To promote more women in the auto tech industry. This
 provoked questions of eligibility and merit. There will be presumably be some guidelines drawn up for future scholarships.

Next meeting will be last Wednesday in August, The 31st? we should send out calendar reminders to all group members.