Friday, January 20, 2012

On You Go

Sometimes weeks just end up being hard, as was the case the last two weeks for us.  Nothing serious, just one thing after another.  As my Mom says....never ask "what next?" In midst of the craziness though I have had many cheerleaders- phone calls checking in, numerous pep talks, others willing to think for me when I couldn't.  So, I wanted to say to you thank you for your words of encouragement.  For picking me up, dusting me off and saying "on you go, don't worry you will make it through".  Sometimes the smallest gestures make a world of difference.

I didn't have a picture for this post but what is a post without a picture?  I have had a lot of people inquiry about Henry.  He is great! A more in depth post about work, juggling, etc. coming soon. Thank you for asking.  In the mean time here a picture taken last week.  Cute little chunk if I do say so myself.
I hope you all have a very relaxing weekend.