Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 2012 Meeting Minutes


Welcome Members/Visitors:
Margaret Ragan, (AWA President), Tigard SUV and AutomotiveRebecca Chipres, Clark College Student and Broadway Kia ; Sarah Heidler (AWA Secretary) , Tom Dwyer Automotive Liz Dally , owner  Hawthorne Auto Clinic Terica Devoreh-Spratt (AWA Treasurer), Hawthorne Auto Clinic,  Tonia Haney,  Clark College , I-Car and Les Schwabb Katie Grace, PCC Student and Tigard SUV and Automotive Janet Gallegos SerratosKadels Autobody and   PCC Student ; JZ, Metro Car Care and PCC Student:  Dana WithrowMacs Radiator

PTOA Report 
Terrica represented AWA at the Portland Triumph Owners Association Awards Banquet on February 25, 2012.   The PTOA board elected AWA to be the recipient of their yearly donation to an automotive related organization.  Terrica reported that the people were friendly and enthusiastic and the food was excellent.  The gift is much appreciated and it will go into our general fund for scholarships.  We are thrilled to create this affiliation and will add them to our list for inclusion in future events.  Sarah is charged with making contact and including photos for them to see who we are.

 Treasure Report:
Checking account total is $1,252.23 after adding the PTO donation of $272.60

 WIT Fair:
Tonia Haney of Clark College has graciously accepted the responsibility of heading up our presentation at the 2012 Women in Trades Fair, which is May 17th, 18th and 19th.
May 17th is for middle school girls, and we will not be present

May 18thTonia will do a presentation geared toward high school girls.
May 19th is for women of all ages and we will have a booth for that day.
We took down volunteers for those days, and we need at least one more Volunteer for Friday May 18th to help Tonia.
Other things that need prepaired:  The "who we are" display board needs updated.
We should consider a game/ prizes and gather current information pamphlets for our table.

Plant Sale/Rummage Sale:

The Annual Plant and Rummage sale will be Saturday May 12th, in the parking lot of Hawthorne Auto clinic.
Margaret will create a flyer for the plant sale and purchase some plants as she has done in years past.
Start saving your good, lightly used items for the sale.

 New Items/ Open Discussion:
* College/High school Outreach- should we have more involvement at these levels?  What would/should that involvement look like?
* Dipstick 101- we use to have a basic car care class we gave, but the numbers of people who want to take that class have dwindled over the years to the point where it's not worth us doing.  Many of us feel there is still a need for it, but what should it look like now, how should it be updated and where is our audience, what is the need?
*Ms. Betty Kindle is healing from a broken leg and therefor is not in attendance at the meeting.  She has been nominated for a Golden Alumni Award at PCC.  Congratulations to her, she deserves it. 

Next Meeting:
March 28th, 2012                6:30 pm- Join us!