Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March 2012 Meeting Minutes


Welcome Members/Visitors:

Margaret Ragan, (AWA President), Tigard SUV and Automotive Norma Holcombe, Sherwood Auto Repair; Terica Devoreh-Spratt (AWA Treasurer), Hawthorne Auto Clinic,;Becky Vierck, Reborn Automotive,  ; Katie Grace, PCC Student and Tigard SUV and Automotive Cara Margold,(awaVice President)  Mackin’s Auto Body ; Sarah Heidler (AWA Secretary) , Tom Dwyer Automotive Kathy Garbe – Retired, ;June Boone, retired Hawthorne Auto Clinic; Liz Dally , owner  Hawthorne Auto Clinic


Discussion of responsibilities of board members
·         It was decided that the president should arrange meetings and create the agenda.
·         Anybody who wishes to have an item officially added to the agenda for a meeting should submit requests to Margaret for addition.
·         The secretary is responsible for official thank you’s.  Carra will send a thank you to WIT for not charging us for participating in the Career Fair this year and to PTOA for their generous support. 

·         We will be participating on Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th 
·         Becky has the give away items and June has tire gauges for the information booth.

Plant and Rummage sale at Hawthorne Auto Clinic – May12th
·         The sale will be 9-3 Sat May 12th  
·         Flats of plants available for shops at discounted prices.
·         Volunteers are lined up, we will get there at 7 and set up by 9
·         Anybody who has anything to donate can bring it Hawthorne Auto Clinic evening of the 11th (before the shop closes- call Hawthorne Auto to confirm)  or the morning of the 12th.
·         Becky will put together flyers for the event.

Treasure report
·         There is currently $1356.23 in the bank account.  From the October fest we made 619.00 and then we’ve had ptoa and dues.
·         Dues collected from 9 people.
·         Our last money we sent to the scholarship was in July-we will submit money to the endowed fund at PCC.

Nonprofit status
·         Margaret will check further into official non-profit status.


Meeting space
·         We need another meeting space, because it cannot be held at ReBorn Auto every month. 
·         One idea is the Lucky Labb, and the other is the to ask women in trades if they have a meeting space.

Out reach to high schools for car care
·         Several people shared stories of clients who did not very good things to their cars, from simple lack of understanding. 
·         It was proposed that we do need to continue with our goal to provide education, and perhaps High Schools would be a good place to do that.
Several people volunteered to contact their local schools to see if there would be a forum for such involvement. 

Margret now has a gavel