Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Henry 8 Months

 I had planned on getting 6 month pictures taken of Henry, so you know how it goes... at 8 months we finally booked a date with the very talented Emily Joy Gresham.  Emily Joy took Henry's newborn 6 week pictures and I loved them so I was very excited to work with her again.  She had her work cut out because the smiliest baby in the world (we can't walk two feet in the grocery store without stopping because he is flirting with someone) would not crack one smile. Unheard of, but that is the way it goes right?  Somehow, in the midst of all his seriousness she was able to get some great pictures, here are just a few...
 That hair... as wild as he is.
 My men- could.not.love.them. more.
For more information on Emily Joy's work (I highly recommend her) you can visit her blog or find her HERE.