Monday, May 20, 2013

A Different Kind Of Art

A while back a client asked me to do something with a collection of antique barn hinges her father had given her.  She was speaking my language.  The original thought was to make a collage on the wall itself but I was drawn to the idea of placing them on a single piece- mostly for the wall's sake.  
 I will tell y'all this was a LABOR.of.LOVE.  As I said on Instagram, emphasis on LOVE.  I will say, it has been a while since something has kept me up at night but this did.  The sheer weight of the hinges gave me fits.  If you were to turn this board around you would be astonished by the supports.  
I have to thank my installer who I called on multiple occasions to ask him if he was sure this crazy concoction  could be hung.  He reminded me we had hung much heavier....and crazier in the past.  
Along the way- board created, now onto the order and how to attach.

He was right but still, there was something about this piece that had really gotten to me.  I think it was a.) I love anything old and interesting- hinges?!?!?! yes please.  b.) It is sentimental and I am sap. c.) I have the utmost respect for this client and appreciate her faith in my creative process.
There was one more piece that was too large to fit so it is on another wall.  The rest of the space is looking good as well, including the floor.  Pictures day.