Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GirlFest 2013

The Girlscout GirlFest was held at the Portland Expo Center on November 2, 2013.  It is a day-long celebration featuring hands-on activities and experiences for girls to learn, explore and enjoy.  You didn't have to be a Girl Scout to attend, but the Girl Scouts could work towards earning badges while at the event. 

Our booth- a car for the car care workshops and dexterity boxes.
Our booth- a car for the car care workshops and dexterity boxes on the table to test folks ability to assemble nuts and bolts without looking. photo DSC08335_zpseb9d5bea.jpg
Tonia Haney (Event Chairperson) , Shayla Wilson, and Janet Gallegos  at our booth.

These boxes are for the dexterity test. Each box contained 3 bolts and 6 nuts. The test is to blindly put together the 3 nuts that fit the 3 bolts.  All ages could give it a try, and we timed those who wanted to compete for the best time. 

 photo DSC08355_zpsc09f01c6.jpg
Janet is timing a girl who wanted to beat the best time.
 photo DSC08380_zpsd1946dbd.jpg
very focused

 photo DSC08381_zps853beaa3.jpg

As they completed the nut bolt combination, they would put it on top of the box

 photo DSC08349_zpsaf46dcdd.jpg photo DSC08376_zps3bfe741c.jpg

Some of the younger/ shorter girls had a hard time reaching into the boxes, so they just closed their eyes to give it a try.

For the older girls...
Tonia lead the car care workshop for Girl Scout Cadettes. She brought along a drill they could use to loosen the bolts of the air filter housing.

 photo DSC08339_zps63e545de.jpg
 photo DSC08350_zps72f09f50.jpg

Giving girls the opportunity to use real tools on a real car can be very empowering. 

The Cadettes took turns with the drill, loosening the air filter housing.

 photo DSC08353_zps364e4716.jpg photo 5d630070-811d-4dea-a472-91e7260f6db2_zpsc2b81a24.jpg

 photo DSC08390_zps473e1ca7.jpg
Janet Gallegos, Tonia Haney, Cameron, Shayla Wilson, Margaret Ragan.
Shayla took some time to try hoolah hooping at a near by booth.

Cameron Won! Best time: 21 Seconds
We imagine Cameron was dragged to this event for girls - but didn't regret it after he won the prize. He tried and tried until he had the fastest time at the dexterity test.